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Welcome to Collard Newsstand

Welcome to Collard Newsstand, your first tech newsletter in Egypt!


We are excited to announce that we are launching Collard Newsstand, your latest and first tech newsletter in the Egyptian tech-sphere. As surprising as it may seem, the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector in Egypt is very robust; under the ICT 2030 strategy, the Egyptian government is injecting a series of investments to further develop the sector. Collard Newsstand aims to raise digital awareness in Egypt and the MENA region with our weekly newsletter and fun tech facts. Together, with our generation’s digital talent, innovation and entrepreneurial skills, we aspire to fundamentally change the emerging digital world. By familiarising the public with the latest technologies and shedding light on how humankind shapes technology and how technology shapes us, we aim to enhance social connectivity in our communities.


To stay up to date with our services and ongoing events, visit or follow us on Instagram: @collardeg @collardcards @collardtickets @collardnewsstand.


The digital era has fundamentally altered consumer purchasing and profoundly redefined customer experience. Since the public is now seeking paperless solutions that are accessible via smartphones, our innovation-driven founders have introduced eco-friendly cutting-edge networking solutions to the tech scene in Egypt. We aspire to encourage our customers as well as their network of connections, to enhance environmental awareness, in other words go green.


The Collard brand offers a vast array of products and services, including; NFC integrated smart-business cards, E- ticket platforms, and E-passes. First and foremost, it is our mission to exceed and evolve industry standards with innovative tech related solutions, with the purpose of providing a smooth and on going process for the customer.


There used to be a time when everyone used to hand out plastic business cards and make all purchases in person. Fortunately, the time has come to innovate the community’s networking experience. We offer customizable smart business cards integrated with NFC, accessible through a single tap against any compatible smartphone, providing a unique experience to each of our customers.


Following our launch, our founders decided to horizontally expand and enter the event scene in Egypt to promote digital inclusion by offering a state-of-the-art ticketing platform to simplify the ticketing purchase and registration experience.


Penetrating the Egyptian market with our pioneering solutions, we are proud to have partnered with market-leading companies and to have participated in some of the hottest events hosted across Egypt. With plenty of room in the market for innovation, we aim to grow our network with partners who share our passion for becoming environmentally aware and our vision for a brighter future.