How Can Technology Offer a Faster Path to Sustainability?

How can we protect our planet and the resources we share? By making smarter packaging, using ingredients that meet high environmental and social standards, and using technical sustainability. Don’t count the days, make sure every day counts!

Internet of Things (IoT)

Have you ever thought of how IoT is influencing our lifestyle from the way we react, to the way we behave? From air conditioners that we can easily control via our phones to Smart Cars that offer us the shortest route. IoT is a giant network with connected devices, that help ease our lives!

Will Cryptocurrency Recover?

Cryptocurrencies are crashing. What’s happening to the market?

Read more to get a clearer insight on what’s been happening the past few days!

In the face of global inflation, investors appear to be shifting away from bitcoin and into less risky and less problematic options. The fall is also linked to the coin terraUSD (UST) crashing after losing its peg to the US dollar, which has wiped out its support coin, Luna as well. Also, one of the most important reasons behind the drop of cryptocurrencies is panic sells and hype buys.

Should Genetically Engineered Foods be Used to Alleviate Hunger?

Have you ever thought of how genetically engineered food can contribute to the reduction of world hunger especially among developing countries with high poverty rates? This article sheds a light on this controversial ongoing debate. Read more and share your thoughts in the comments

NFTs Unscripted

What is an NFT? How do I buy one? Why would I want to buy a digital file that I can just copy in a second? Is it just another bubble? Well, stick around, in this article these questions will be covered and more!

Cryptocurrency Unscripted

Do you remember the moment when cryptocurrency started making sense to you? There’s much more to cryptocurrency than just Bitcoin, The controversy regarding the origins of cryptocurrency was forged from the limited amount of information about the alleged founder of Bitcoin, the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency.

QR Codes vs Barcodes

When researching ways to monitor your belongings, you’ll come across a lot of information concerning QR Code and Barcode tracking possibilities. What are the distinctions between QR codes and Barcodes? Which is best for you?

Barcodes are all around us. They are the most…

How will virtual reality technology change us?

It’s an odd moment to be alive when there are suddenly three types of reality: conventional reality, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Virtual reality has the potential to be one of the most crucial technology innovations.

Do you know the difference between NFC and RFID?

Have you ever thought about the differences between NFC and RFID? Their uses? Their benefits? And how each of them functions? Well, we’ve got you covered!

Starting off with Radio Frequency Identification tags, most commonly known as RFID tags, they are…