Will Cryptocurrency Recover?

Cryptocurrencies are crashing. What’s happening to the market?

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In the face of global inflation, investors appear to be shifting away from bitcoin and into less risky and less problematic options. The fall is also linked to the coin terraUSD (UST) crashing after losing its peg to the US dollar, which has wiped out its support coin, Luna as well. Also, one of the most important reasons behind the drop of cryptocurrencies is panic sells and hype buys.

Should Genetically Engineered Foods be Used to Alleviate Hunger?

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NFTs Unscripted

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Cryptocurrency Unscripted

Do you remember the moment when cryptocurrency started making sense to you? There’s much more to cryptocurrency than just Bitcoin, The controversy regarding the origins of cryptocurrency was forged from the limited amount of information about the alleged founder of Bitcoin, the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency.